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Established in 2009 with 24 members and comprising the representatives of the value-added mobile services sector, MOBILSIAD (Turkish Mobile Service Provider Businessmen’s Association) was founded to develop solidarity and cooperation between mobile service providers who offer value-added products, services and technologies over a "mobile technology platform” in communication, IT and media sectors.

MOBILSIAD aims to increase the service quality and efficiency of the sector, setting sector-specific codes of conduct and making them functional among members, thus enabling the sector to operate under conditions of competition, looking for solutions to eliminate the problems experienced at national and international levels in line with the common interests of the sector companies. The Association facilitates globalization and competition of the sector players in foreign markets by strengthening the perception of the industry in national and international markets, and developing relations with regulatory public bodies and operators to ensure sectoral growth. To this end, MOBILSIAD carries out several projects to notify and guide people, and acts as a non-governmental organization with the goals of raising the awareness of leading sector players and end users.