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Chairman’s Message
To add value to Turkey, we, as the representatives of the value-added mobile services sector, have joined forces… 

As it is worldwide, in Turkey, too, enterprise and individual value-added services are of vital importance in the mobile sector alongside communication. Services offered in this field simplify consumers’ lives. Our country benefits from many opportunities such as utilization of innovative technologies, taxes paid in return for revenue gained from services and the qualified workforce created. However, in most cases, regulations come up from behind technology in the value-added mobile services sector. It is quite important that regulations to be made in the sector should not only protect consumer rights but also avoid difficulty of use and restrictions which may turn out to be obstacles against the sector’s development. 

However, currently, value-added service companies –which generate considerable tax income for Turkey as a result of the revenue gained through value-added services in the mobile sector and help to solve unemployment in Turkey by employing qualified workforce- have experienced serious revenue losses following the decrease in value-added mobile service utilization due to the difficulties of use and restrictions brought by the regulations. This, in turn, has resulted in reduction in the amount of taxes companies pay and an unavoidable decline in the employment they provide.    

Companies providing value-added mobile products and services to solve together the problems of the sector decided to establish MOBILSIAD (Turkish Mobile Service Provider Businessmen’s Association) in order to grow the value-added mobile services sector which had been experiencing hard times both in Turkey and abroad, and to help it attain a healthier structure. In 2009, our Association went into action.

MOBILSIAD meets the needs for the regrowth of the value-added mobile services sector which has been narrowed by the regulations which are sometimes far behind the technological developments and for making healthy regulations in this field. Observing consumer rights, developing innovative products and services in line with the current regulations, and working for the common good of the trading companies in Turkey and abroad, MOBILSIAD aims at protecting all parties in the sector including consumers, operators and vendors, ensuring sector growth by enabling regulations to be devised for the benefit of the sector, and becoming a shared platform for all parties.   

Since its foundation, MOBILSIAD has held important meetings with the Ministry of Transport and Communication, the Information and Communication Technologies Authority and operators. The meetings have shown that MOBILSIAD has a lot to do and must represent the sector in the most effective way, upon which everyone agreed. Comprising members who have gained considerable technology and user experience know-how since when mobile telecommunication operators started using value-added services, MOBILSIAD is ready to do its share of task in devising the regulations for mobile content and to provide full support by making use of its current know-how and experienced software and management teams.