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Goals & Mission

To develop solidarity and cooperation between  mobile service providers who offer value-added products, services and technologies over a "mobile technology platform” in communication, IT and media sectors

To increase the service quality and efficiency in the value-added mobile services sector

To raise the awareness of end users

To set sector-specific codes of conduct and make them functional among members, increase service quality with the self-control mechanism created within the Association, to position the Association in a way to point at quality content and service, and to regulate the market

To encourage innovation and creativity

To ensure institutionalization

To increase employment in the sector

To enable Turkey to become one of the leading countries in the exportation of value-added mobile services, products, content and technology, and to facilitate globalization and competition of the sector players in foreign markets by strengthening the perception of the industry in national and international markets


To impose positive changes in the sector perception of the general public by increasing the service quality and efficiency in the value-added mobil services sector, to set sectoral codes of conduct and regulate the market by devising a self-control mechanism, to enable sector players to globalize and compete in foreign markets by first ensuring sectoral improvement and efficiency in the national market and then strengthening the sector perception in international markets